2020 Year End Appeal

Why Should You Give this Year to the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation?

By: Casey Mills | Board President | Sioux City Public School Foundation


Here are 3 Reasons!

Young Learner Triumphs through STEM! 

Mrs. Kathy Thoede, the current Riverside Elementary principal and a former consulting teacher at Perry Creek Elementary, received a Great Ideas Grant from the Foundation for the “Engineering is Elementary” STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) kit. These kits were awarded for transitional kindergartners and kindergartners. 

The students used their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to create their own recipe of playdough maple leaves from flour, water, and salt. 

Mrs. Thoede shared how a student who had learning and concentration difficulties “stuck to the task.” He kept testing, incorporating water and flour until he discovered on his own the best composition of ingredients and made the perfect maple leaves. 

Politics + Period Language + Penmanship = A+ in 7th Grade Colonial Williamsburg! 

Mrs. Fairchild, a West Middle School 7th grade teacher, attended Colonial Williamsburg.  Last year, her students had difficulty understanding the setting, period language, and politics in a book on the malaria outbreak in Philadelphia.

Mrs. Fairchild brought in pictures, a quill and ink, dolls, and various resources from Colonial Williamsburg.  The students listened to the speakers using the virtual resources. They were able to understand the role of the coffee shop - where residents shared news, transacted business, and debated politics. 

Thanks to the Foundation’s partnership with Mr. Irving (photo, center) and Carolyn Jensen, and the Colonial Williamsburg benefactors, literacy, civics, history, and penmanship all came to life! 

FFA, FCSA, & the Sioux City Career Academy Open New Doors for High School Students! 

The  Foundation secured a grant from Farm Credit Services of America (FCSA) to establish a Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter.  The chapter was chartered last fall, incorporating the pillars of student leadership and involvement.

Simultaneously, a student following the Sioux City Career Academy’s business pathway enrolled in one of the ag classes to apply his business learnings.  The student discovered more opportunities. 

Mrs. Taylor Weidhauer (photo, left side) thanked the Foundation and FCSA. “Students in the heart of Sioux City are more aware and engaged in the many facets of agriculture. More doors are now open for the District’s students,” she concluded.  


Here’s Why I Give! 

Join Me In Making A Difference Today!

I, like others, have questioned, “Why I should donate to the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation when the District receives my tax dollars?”

First, my daughter teaches in the Sioux City Community Schools. I have learned first-hand the challenges teachers and students face, which cannot be addressed by limited taxpayer dollars. Thanks to the Foundation’s benefactors, our teachers and students are doing the “Impossible!” today!

I am also involved and use the Foundation as a platform to ensure every student realizes “Success” is not defined by a post-secondary degree.  The Career Academy provides students the certifications, skills and knowledge to be “Accomplished Citizens!”  

Skip Perley, CEO, Thompson Electric

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